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More than 40 specialists to boost your eLearning courses: instructional designers, writers, 3D, voice-over artists, illustrators, video editors, SCORM designers, etc.

Our creative approach to e-learning makes knowledge easy to acquire, practical to have, and hard to forget.

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Experience online learning in 3D

Video first learning

Learning with images and scenarios


Learning Lab. Advanced and user-friendly LMS

We have long been looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) that meets our creative requirements.

Easy to manage

Video first

Easy to style to corporate identity

Easy for customers to post their own content

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I already have an LMS and am looking for an elearning content specialist!

Nice and no problem of course. Our content specialists are happy to help you. In fact, we work with more tools and we can provide excellent support with the creative translation of your course. We believe that learning should be fun and since we are increasingly engaged on our mobile, images, video, animations, infographics, etc.. is important. And that's exactly what we're good at.

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Design Strategy


Instructional video

Interactive video scenarios

3D objects

3D visualization


Image templates

2D simulations

Avatar creation

Voice over



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