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UI/UX Design

UX stands for user experience. UI stands for User Interface. User experience (UX) design aims to match a website, an app or a software application to the expectations and wishes of users. It is the framework of the app, the skeleton, where the UI is the skin, the face of the app. They go hand in hand.

User-centred design is often underestimated. Developers of software or apps often have a clear idea of how something should work, how people click through a site, how they use an app. However, this does not necessarily correspond to daily use.

We discover your target group. Researching their needs and how they use websites and tools. Mapping out what you want to achieve with your app, with your website, with the software and then mapping out the functional flow before we start designing. We go further than just a nice jacket. For example, we also look at how a software tool gives error messages. What does the software tell you at that moment and how can you help the user back on track? The UX/UI designer goes further and works closely with the developers.

Onze Gezellen Dutch Multisport Club

Onze Gezellen Dutch Multisport Club

Museum Haarlem

Museum Haarlem

Delta Team Web and Logo Design

Delta Team Web and Logo Design

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Do you only have a small assignment or do you want to talk about a campaign, or do you want us to help you in the long run? It’s all good! We like to alternate our work. As long as you have passion and an idea.