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In July 2021, LinkedIn had nearly 31.2 million users in the United Kingdom (UK). How do you stand out? When Facebook was pretty negative in the news you actually heard little about any problems on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is often seen as a ‘job site’ where people can present themselves and recruitment companies can ‘hunt’. I myself am regularly approached by agencies and headhunters cheking if I am interested in a new job. So that seems to work. But LinkedIn is much more. It’s actually a perfect stage to present yourself as a company. 

Tips to get most out of your LinkedIN business page

26 Aug 2021

What can you do to present yourself well on LinkedIN? 

Unlike Facebook, the discussions are usually serious and it seems that most articles that are posted really add something. Few funny movies and photos, etc.. This makes LinkedIN stand out from Facebook perfectly and the combination of both is ideal.

Determine your strategy.

A bit of an open door and actually already part of your overall plan how you want to present yourself to the outside world. But too often we see companies quickly creating a LinkedIN page and then doing nothing more. Think, for example:

  • What does your organization stand for?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What content do you want to share on this business platform?
  • Can you think of themes for this content?

Remember that LinkedIN is a different medium than Facebook and Twitter. You clearly have to write differently and you can’t just cut and paste.

Create a business page

Therefore, take care of a few things:

  • The title of your page. Put an important keyword in it. Google indexes this and if you want to be found in Google for that keyword, your page will come up earlier. We have for instance: Ambasco Haarlem Advertising Agency. If someone searches on Reclamebureau (advertising agency) in Haarlem, our website and LinkedIn page will be shown.
  • Add a nice image. You can adjust the header to your liking. A good appearance of your LinkedIN page that is recognisable helps in your image as a company. Ambasco can help you with an image that fits your website and corporate identity.
  • Logo, place a logo so that it becomes recognisable as a profile picture. This can be a variation on your logo. The aim is to create recognition. We use e.g. the A. If an article is placed then see this.
  • Company profile, About Us. Here you write a short summary of the company. Use Google as a starting point. Bit weird to start there. But this text can also contribute to your findability. So make sure you use important words in your text that people search for when they look for your services. Use variants of the keywords. Google indexes regularly, so adjusting the text from time to time is a good investment of your time.
  • Next, link your page to groups that are important to you.

Being active on LinkedIn. Content is marketing!

It is important that you are active. You don’t have to post something every day or respond to something. But make sure you have a realistic planning and put it in your agenda.  For example, once a week a short post and once a month a longer article.

Some tips that you can keep in mind when posting a post or longer article:

  • Always post with an image or video. A good text is one thing, but your message will only really stand out if you reinforce it with an image or video.
  • Schedule the content. Make sure you keep the page updated. Post a maximum of two and possibly three posts per week, that’s fine. Too much will irritate your target audience. Look for the right balance. If you have several posts prepared, you can manage this through tools such as Hootsuite. These tools allow you to schedule your posts and have them automatically published at the desired time. Very easy and beautiful. The downside is that you will be less actively involved at the time of publishing. Think about that carefully. If you take the time and schedule an hour, you will do it yourself and at that moment you will also be actively involved in your social media.
  • Post at the right time. Sounds logical, but it is useful if you post content when people are active on LinkedIN. After all, your message quickly sinks to the bottom of the timeline.  Research shows that it is best to post on Thursdays. Monday and Friday are the least good days. The best time to post is in the morning between 7 and 8 am and in the afternoon between 5 and 6 pm. Not surprisingly the times when people start up or shut down.
  • LinkedIn Groups. The nice thing about LinkedIN is that all kinds of groups have been created. Local groups (e.g. kennemer Business for companies member of this entrepreneurs association in Haarlem). Become a member of these groups and post a comment or share an article once in a while. Your PR is now very focused. Did you know you can also advertise to a group? For example, if you want to target hockey players, you could indicate that your ad may only be placed in the LinkedIN group: Hockey Players in Business. See what is relevant to you.
  • Share your successes. Outside of your articles, it is good to share your successes and to involve your clients who are also active on LinkedIn.
    Putting an @ in front of the client name when writing about them automatically shows their company page! People like to see success and want to be part of it. If you are looking for new employees and you are active on LinkedIN and regularly show something nice of what you have achieved, that potential employee will be happy to talk to you. The same applies to potential clients. If they see that you do many nice things and they are looking for a company like yours, who do you think they will call? To your competitor who only has a static page and where nothing ever happens or to you?

Measuring is knowing

LinkedIn measures statistics that you can view via your company page. Use this data to improve your content. Look for example at how often, how and if your messages are responded to. Which (type of) message scores best or better than other messages. With this information you can improve your messages and your participation in the network will become more and more important.

What can Ambasco do for you?

Ambasco makes many websites. We pay attention to design. Of course we do! That’s the reason for our existence. Beautiful functional design. But we also have an eye for the basics. For many of our clients, we provide the layout of their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook company pages. We also regularly deliver effective images that can be used in LinkedIn messages and articles. Images strengthen your story. Make use of them!

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