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Logo, corporate identity and packaging for Spur Craft Sodas. A refreshing fruit soft drink with exotic flavours.


Frootee Drinks


Logo Design, Packaging Design, Web Design

packaging design soda bottle
Briefing design soda packaging


Spur, the craft soda in the same range as Fernandes soft drinks. The assignment was to create a strong logo and a fresh and fruity packaging with a mature premium look and a promotional website.

Packaging design
logo design soda Spur

The Concept

The “Spur” logo has the smooth easy shape in fresh, bright colours to emphasise the refreshing nature of the soft drink. In addition, sparkling photography in the background reinforces the accosiation with the relevant flavour by making the fruit of the label pop out of a splash of soft drink!

promotional poster design
packaging bottle soda design

The Result

A powerful adult soft drink line with A-brand appeal. A line that can be extended with several flavours. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to translate to small bottles and cans.

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