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Advertising Campaign and App Development regarding prevention agression in the pharmacie.


Stichting Bedrijfsfonds Apotheken


Logo Design, Campaigns, App development, Poster and flyer design, Copywriting

App Design interface
briefing ad campaign


SBA represents employees in pharmacies. Due to the increasing shortage of medicines, employees have to deal with aggression. This makes it increasingly difficult to find good staff. The aim is to develop a campaign that shifts the aggression and creates more understanding for the position of the pharmacy and the pharmacy employee.

SBA App logo design
flyer design
design idea and concept

The Concept

A poster campaign combined with flyers and an app in which people can voice their complaints and which contains a lot of information on the causes of the medicine shortage. The theme ‘If it’s up to me’ shows that if it’s up to the employee, they just deliver what is asked.

poster design
app design interfaces
app design interfaces
design narrow casting SBA
design narrow casting SBA 2
design narrow casting SBA 3

The Result

Posters have been hung up at over 2,000 pharmacies, an app has been downloaded thousands of times, an extensive social media campaign has supported the campaign. This has resulted in a more positive image of the pharmacy and its employees.

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