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Logo Design, Introduction magazine for new members


Omnisportvereniging Onze Gezellen

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Logo design, corporate identity development, brochure and magazine design

Design brief Sport club


Onze Gezellen is a multidisciplinary sports association. There was a need for a logo that is recognisable but at the same time unique per sport. In order to help new members find their way there was a need for an introduction magazine.

Logo Design Sport club Onze Gezellen
Concept Design Idea

The Concept Idea

Designing a logo with a recognisable element of the sport in question, so that everyone has their own unique logo and it is still clear that they are part of the same ‘family’.

Clothing Design Sport Club Onze Gezellen
Bag Design Sport Club Onze Gezellen
Design presentation result

The Result

A family of logo’s that is recognisable per sport and clearly gives the feeling that this is a larger multidisciplinary association. The corporate identity has been rolled out further in clothing, bags and an introduction magazine.

design cover introduction magazine
design inside introduction magazine
design inside introduction magazine 2
Logo Design on clothing Sport
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