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Restyling logo Nederlof, development corporate identity and design website



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Logo restyling, design corporate identity, car wrapping, design website

Design brief


Nederlof had a logo for years which contained the colour yellow. This made it difficult to read the logo at events. The logo also included a slogan. The wish was to create a strong logo that expresses customer-friendliness, professionalism and a link to the printing world. This was followed by an elaboration of the corporate identity and a new website.

logo restyling printer
Design Business Card Nederlof
Design letterhead Nederlof
Design envelope in corporate identity Nederlof
design idea and concept

The Concept and Result

We have chosen to move away from the yellow and black. By combining fresh orange with blue, we created a businesslike, friendly and informative image. We then went in search of an element that tells more about the company. We came up with a shape that symbolises a predisposition. In the printing world, this is the basis and frame of reference for the printing process. We also styled the fonts and placed the letters more in line. We have placed the N separately in the frame of reference so that it can be used as a clearly recognisable symbol for social media. The N was already clear to existing customers, which is why we kept it so that it remains recognisable. The corporate identity and a website were then developed. Nederlof themselves did the content for the website by using handy templates that we designed for them in advance.

Ontwerp briefpapier Nederlof
Ontwerp huistijl en envelop Nederlof
Design Address Sticker Corporate Identity Nederlof
Design Car Wrapping Nederlof
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