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Corporat Identity, website and exhibition design developed for Haarlem Museum. The city museum of Haarlem and South-Kennemerland.


Museum Haarlem


Corporate Identity, web design, campaigns, exhibition signage

web design museum
Briefing design web and corporate identity


The museum tells the story of the recent and ancient history of the city of Haarlem and its surroundings. The organisation consists of a board, director, head of museum affairs and approximately 100 volunteers. Because there are so many volunteers, the museum has to deal with varying degrees of communication. Ambasco had been commissioned to bring consistency to the museum’s image and to help make it more professional.

web design exhibition overview
web design activity overview
web design museum highlights
design concept

The Concept

Establishing a consistent layout for promoting continually  changing exhibitions. This layout should also be implemented in the website and subsequently in the exhibitions. Museum of Haarlem set up a large exhibition in 2020 called Allemaal Haarlemmers (All Haarlemmers). This exhibition tells 1000 years of history of Haarlem. For this exhibition, Ambasco created a campaign called: ‘Haarlem writes history’.  The idea was to include all Haarlemmers in the set-up of this exhibition.

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signing museum shop
signing museum cafe
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web design exhibition detail page
Narrow casting design museum exhibition
Wall design example
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Exhibition wall design
Exhibition wall design
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popup outdoor exhibition design
Poster design museum
professional advertising design result

The Result

A clear and consistent image in all communication to the outside world. It is now always clear at a glance that the messaging comes from Museum Haarlem. The campaign has also created a stir in the city. Through the support of various websites and the main website as well as an extensive social media campaign, the awareness of Museum Haarlem has grown significantly. 

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