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Packaging Design for potatoes for the Dutch brand “met passie geteeld” (cultivated with passion). For sale at various large supermarket chains.


Met Passie Geteeld,
Vanka Aardappelen


Logo design, packaging design

packaging design potatoes vegetables
assignment brief design packaging


Vanka is a potato wholesaler who sells potatoes through various supermarkets. For the supermarkets of Dirk and Dekamarkt, they wanted to market a brand that radiates health, passion and conviviality. Vanka asked Ambasco to develop a logo and a complete packaging line.

logo and picto design
packaging design concept

The Concept

A concept that radiates origin, freshness and freshness and that is easy to roll out over a full line of different types and varieties of potatoes. The fixed type colours for firm cooking (green), crumbly (blue) also had to be incorporated into the packaging.

packaging design potatoes
packaging design organic potatoes
Packaging design potatoes private label
Packaging design concept result

The Result

A powerful, mature packaging line that can be built on for many years to come. The brand ‘Met Passie Geteeld’ has been given a unique character that is also supported by a website. 

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