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Logo restyling, branding and signing for Medsen Apotheek, a national pharmacy chain in The Netherlands


Medsen Apotheek

Ambasco Services

Logo restyling, development Corporate Identity, Brochure Design, Poster Design, Outdoor Signing, Exhibition stand design

design brief


Come up with a logo and corporate identity that allows Medsen to stand out from other pharmacies. A corporate identity that can be effectively implemented in the look and feel of the website, packaging, brochures, exhibition stands and the decoration and signing of the pharmacies’ premises.

Logo Design Medsen Apotheken
Smart Design

The Concept and Design Result

Red, orange and green with a white cut-out in the shape of a cross. Clear shape and colours so that it is clearly legible and recognisable as a pharmacy from a distance. Block shapes that can be used to make signing and packaging recognisable.

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