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Logo, corporate identity and website design for professional support for family carers and those in need of care.




Creation of company name, design of logo, house style and website

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Mantelzorgsaam was founded by Femke Janssen-Welch, an independent volunteer aid agent, client supporter and volunteer aid worker. Mantelzorgsaam asked Ambasco to help them come up with a company name and subsequently develop a logo, corporate identity and website. 

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The concept

On the basis of a questionnaire and extensive market research, we developed a concept with which we could create a positive, personal impression. Informal care requires a great deal of organisation and knowing where to turn. We wanted to use colour and form to turn the pressure that informal carers experience into a positive force.

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Design Concept result

The result

A logo in the shape of a flower with overlapping ‘leaves’ to symbolise the network and doing things together. A name that playfully incorporates informal care and togetherness. A website that radiates power, yet is soft and compassionate.

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