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Maidenhead, UK

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Development of new company and brand logo. Corporate identity, UX design, brochures and exhibition materials.


Monitor 24-7 Inc.


Logo design, corporate identity, UX design for software, brochure design, booth design

Logo Restyle Monitor 24-7
brief new logo


Develop a logo for both the company and the product and brand with which they would stand out in the market and have a clear relationship to each other.

The Concept

A colour icon depicting the circle of service. The open line in the middle symbolises the market in which the organisation operates. The service desk and helpdesk market. The broken line indicates that something is ‘broken’ for which the helpdesk is called. The tagline shows what the organisation/product does.

Business card design Monitor 24-7 inc
Letterhead design Monitor 24-7 Inc
brochure design
leaflet design
User Interface and UX Design Software IncidentMonitor

The Result

A strong corporate identity that can be used at both product and company level and can be rolled out well in both marketing communications and the software itself. 

UI icon design
UI icon design team
UI icon design
UI icon design
UI icon design firewall
UI icon design erase
UI icon design timer
UI icon design service level
UI icon design setting
UI icon design cpu
UI icon design SLA
UI icon design share files
UI icon design pause timer
UI icon design agent
UI icon design calendar
UI icon design box
UI icon design graph
UI icon design attachment
UI icon design controller
UI icon design approved
UI icon design search
UI icon design all tickets
UI icon design access key
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