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Design packaging for Preiwit of Groentenhof Fresh2be.




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Packaging design vegetables
design brief packaging


Design of the new packaging line for Groentenhof van Preiwit for the Belgian market. The restriction was to use as much transparency as possible to make the product stand out and that it comes from Belgium. Groentenhof is a production company of outdoor vegetables located in Bornem. Specialised in the cultivation of leeks and fennel for the Belgian retail market. 

concept packaging design

The Concept

We chose to place a green band of leeks at the top to reinforce freshness and recognisability of the product. Colour fresh orange and a nice contrast with green. Product name in traditional handwritten font with inset of fresh end product. At the bottom of the packaging the nutro score and the origin of the product in the form of an illustrative leek pictogram.

Packaging design vegetables
Packaging design vegetables leek
Packaging design vegetables leek transparant
design marketing result

The Result

A beautiful clear transparent packaging with a natural fresh look. Product is clearly visible. Country of origin is clearly shown by the pictogram. 

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