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packaging design

Packaging Design

When you stand in front of the retailers’ shelf and you see several brands of the same product. Which one do you choose? Why? That is exactly the question we ask ourselves and our client when we start working on a design. The packaging must reflect what the customer expects and what you want to say. In addition to that marketing message, good packaging also has to deal with legal requirements such as nutritional labelling and various shapes and sizes. The more products that fit into a box and on a shelf, the easier it is to transport and store, and sell. But sometimes shape is what makes a product unique. When designing packaging; logistics, marketing and advertising come together. Effective packaging makes the difference!

In short, when designing good packaging, you need someone with experience and knowledge of these matters. And we have just the people for that!

Esther Otten Real Estate Agent Haarlem Netherlands

Esther Otten Real Estate Agent Haarlem Netherlands

Met Passie Geteeld

Met Passie Geteeld

LOA Associates

LOA Associates

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