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Design for Welfare, Healthcare, Sports, Leisure, Culture and more…

We like to work on things we like. Those we have an affinity with. We help many of our clients design their brand and all associated communication tools. From logo to website. Many of our clients are in sectors where people are the central focus. We feel good about that, and when we feel good about something, a beautiful creative process starts automatically! We help our clients build their brands, strengthen their image and we help develop all kinds of communication tools.

We have created beautiful logos, corporate identities, websites etc, in the following sectors.


Well-being is about feeling good. Being healthy results in less of a need for care. Work life, home life, self-development, paying attention and caring for others, even pampering yourself! We are happy to help organisations in these sectors with their communication needs.


Design for organisations in the welfare sector

Sports and Leisure

This is a broad field. All kinds of organisations with their own unique need for a logo, corporate identity or, for example, a website. Ambasco has a wide variety of clients in this sector. Take a look at the sector page. Design for sports, recreation and leisure.

Designing communication tools for leisure, sports & recreation


The healthcare sector is a unique market. The organisations and companies that are active in this market often need help with their brand, logo and appearance and almost certainly their website. That is why we think it is important to support them in this!

See how we help with brand development in healthcare


Organisations such as museums have their own unique communication needs. Think of their exhibitions, and the promotion needed there. The requirement fo a unique appearance of their own house style. In short, there is plenty of challenges and creativity required.

Read more about what we do for organisations in the cultural sector

Other markets

Naturally, we are also active in other sectors. Our design and web specialists are always happy to put their qualities to work for any organisation. As soon as we feel we click, and we see that the work suits us, we will gladly get to work.

Look what we have created

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Do you only have a small assignment or do you want to talk about a campaign, or do you want us to help you in the long run? It’s all good! We like to alternate our work. As long as you have passion and an idea.