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Digital learning is very popular. Certainly since more and more people have started working from home, e-learning has taken off. An increasing number of companies offer their customers, resellers, franchisees and their own staff online courses. It is ideal for providing explanations, showing the history of the organisation, providing sales training or, for example, strengthening the bond with the customer. There are various traditional elearning tools online that mainly provide explanations based on text and pictures. It quickly becomes boring. Ambasco collaborates with TheLearning LAB and focuses on creative online visual learning. By means of images, animations, (interactive) videos, infographics, gamification, social chat and of course stories, we set up courses in the Learning Management System of TheLearning LAB. Creativity as the basis of the course completely in the house style of the organisation. We use e-learning to strengthen the identity of our clients. An important principle in the design of our courses is that learning should be fun.

If you want to know what we do in the field of e-learning, take a look at our other website of TheLearning LAB and get inspired. Or contact us and we will gladly show you what we offer and what we can do for you.

SBA communication campaign and app development

SBA communication campaign and app development



Nederlof Corporate Design and Website

Nederlof Corporate Design and Website

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