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Maidenhead, UK

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Restyling corporate identity for Sportloket Velsen and implementing corporate identity to other promotional materials.


City Velsen, department Sportloket Velsen


Logo design, corporate identity restyling, posters, leaflets, event promotion, school calendars

Restyle logo Sport
brief restyle logo


Bringing a consistent line to the existing corporate identity of Sportloket Velsen. This also led to a restyled logo, because we believe that a house style always begins with the logo.

Design Idea

The Concept

We looked for more balance in the elements of the vignette. In the new version, the vignette now also stands up better when the logo is smaller and reduced. The new typography ensures that the name is easier to read.

Flyer Design sportloket
Brochure Design swimming pool
signing design sport center
flag design sport center
child certificate design
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Het resultaat

A  house style in which all expressions are implemented in a clear and consistent manner.

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Do you only have a small assignment? Or do you want to talk about a campaign, or maybe want us to help you in the long-run? It’s all good! We like to alternate our work. As long as you have passion and an idea, we’re on board!