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The first contact with Delta Team came about through a mutual relationship who had asked us to take a fresh look and give professional advice regarding the current website.

During our introductory meeting, Delta Team expressed their wish to make it clear on the website that they are more than just a temporary employment agency for the heavy and petrochemical industries. With the many talents Delta Team has in house, they put together versatile project teams. In this way, Delta Team organises, arranges and takes care of the entire process for various industrial, technical and personnel services. Short-term, long-term and they arrange qualified personnel.

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The Concept and the Result

First of all, we had the idea of making the entire look of the website more industrial. A direct reason for this was the logo, which we thought could be more robust and ‘no nonsense’. In addition, we divided the website homepage into clearly distinguishable blocks in order to showcase all the various services Delta Team offers.

A fresh, clear website with both an industrial and a businesslike, service-oriented look. The new design has also been consistently implemented in Delta Team’s social media platforms.

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Do you only have a small assignment? Or do you want to talk about a campaign, or maybe want us to help you in the long-run? It’s all good! We like to alternate our work. As long as you have passion and an idea, we’re on board!