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Maidenhead, UK

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Design agency working within healthcare, welfare, sport & leisure.

Ambasco Strong Design Concepts

Love design. Love your customers.

Design and marketing go hand in hand. A strong design helps to tell your story. A beautiful logo and a well-designed website or magazine help you to help your customers or patients, colleagues or associates. The essence of our existence is to work with companies and organisations that want to make people healthy and happy.

That’s why we love working for organisations in healthcare, sports, welfare, culture and recreation. We want to help make a difference, and to use our design and marketing knowledge for a better world.



Psychologiepraktijk belfor

Psychologiepraktijk belfor

Geveke corporate, brochure, design work

Geveke corporate, brochure, design work

Ambasco Design A Bit Spicy

Ambasco. Original and a bit spicy too!

We love to work together with our clients. Every person and every organisation is different and that’s what makes it fun. Ambasco stands for strong values, together with a unique vision. We are a close-knit team and what drives us is passion for what we do, for (and with) our clients. Each having a unique and specific quality. 

We translate your wishes and issues into creative concepts and communication tools. Whether a small or a large project, we always find a creative, practical and affordable solution. We can help clients with corporate identity, multimedia campaigns, implementation of house style applications, beautiful functional websites, setting up creative e-learning solutions, taking care of outdoor advertising and the layout of magazines and packaging. 

Briefing Ambasco Design

Let’s get to know each other!

Do you only have a small project? Or do you perhaps want to talk about a campaign, or maybe you want us to help you for the longer term? It’s all good! We love to alternate our work. As long as you have passion, and an idea, we’re good to go!