We are Ambasco, the personal guide to a "meta" morphosis of your brand.

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Graphic design

As specialists in developing a good brand identity, we know better than anyone else what to look for in order to create a good image of the organization.

Web and App design

With our years of experience in web design, we give content, meaning and identity to your website or app. From concept to design and implementation.


Including videos, animations, infographics, texts and quizzes, e-learning is a perfect way to creatively deploy online manuals and courses.

Spatial Lab

In our Spatial Lab, the real world and the virtual world intertwine. We create innovative solutions and interactions in this new dimension.

We are working on the metaverse

We have a strong opinion how we believe things should done, design wise. We work from the conviction that creation with the latest techniques and design together can make the difference! We do this together with leading brands in different sectors, from technical, cultural to commercial.

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Get in touch

Time for change, time for a metamorphosis

With more than a decade of experience in design and marketing, elearning and spatial design, it is time for the next step. The world is constantly changing and we like to change with it. Our expertise has become so much more. From design to the latest learning experience, from video editing to a completely animated new world.

Tools for creating an elearning course

Setting up an elearning course requires good preparation and the right tools to do it efficiently and well. In this article we give you tips on tools, branding and multilingualism.


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